Hollow Art (hollow_art_ads) wrote in 02not_so_random,
Hollow Art

The Isis Complex

The Isis Complex

By the year 2435, humans have overcrowded their cities, depopulated the rainforest of trees and ocean of the great whales. Decreased their ozone layer, increased their population by billions, and have taken up every available space on their planet Earth. Children grow up without ever knowing what a tiger was.

By the year 2435, humans have increased their life span, demanded higher standards of living, increased their education, and decreased their need for personal space. Most diseases are a thing of the past, artificial intelligences are common place, and half a planet away isn't any further than pressing a button for a holographic representation.

By the year 2435, humans have colonized planets and space stations. Developed deep space research platforms and asteroid mining developments. Made contact with alien races, outlawed designer babies, and developed faster-than-light travel.

Welcome to the Isis Complex, a full year away from Earth, three weeks away from the nearest colony. Cramped, crowded, and too far away from the home planet to be under its control. Between Earth and the rest of the galaxy, between the known and unknown.

Welcome to 2435. Where do you want to be?

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