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Fairytales & Deities...

Everyone needs something to believe in. Heroes to cheer and villains to condemn. It's just a little closer to home here.

Myths and legends walk among us. Fairytales live next door. Ideas and beliefs in human form, manifestations of everything that makes us human - stories made flesh.

Welcome to Eidolon City, where nothing is quite what it seems. Where the man on the street corner could very well be born out of ideas, a walking representation of the Big Bad Wolf, maybe. Or of Hercules. Or maybe he's simply another guy, trying to make his way in the world.

Eidolon City is a brand new game, opening 25th July 2009. Set in a noir-type world, Eidolon City is an original character game. We are looking for characters that are manifestations of fairytales, legends and myths, as well as looking for characters which are just ordinary people.

Eidolon City is a unique game - check it out today!

~*~ Eidolon City ~*~ Premise ~*~ Application ~*~
~*~ Game Information ~*~
~*~Rules ~*~ FAQs ~*~PB Reserve ~*~

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