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~*Eidolon City*~

Are you looking for a new game, a new world to play in?
Do you have original characters who need a home, somewhere new to go?
Are you looking for a world that's structured to allow you to get the most from your characters, which allows those 'chance meetings' to not be so chance at all, where coincidence is all part of the overarching plot?
Are you looking for a place where heroes can be heroes and villains can actually get realistic play?

Eidolon City is a brand new game which is opening soon and it could be the game for you!

Based in a noir world, a city out of vintage movies, where organised crime rules the streets and where it takes a strong heart and will to remain on the straight and narrow. It is a city in a world where nothing is quite what it seems, where certain people appear to be 'significant', others appear to be living representations of fairytales and myths and some have strange dreams of another world.

Eidolon City is an original character game which is structured to help you get the most out of your game play - we're looking for a wide variety of characters and the game is run by two friendly mods who can help you get the most of this exciting new opportunity.

Check it out today!

~*~ Eidolon City ~*~ Premise ~*~ Application ~*~
~*~ Game Information ~*~
~*~Rules ~*~ FAQs ~*~PB Reserve ~*~
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